Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sheila Sabine - The Art of Living - Art Deco @ Royal Hawaiin

Sheila Sabine

Sheila Sabine - DIY Holiday Decor

The Hillside Gardeners of Montclair making Christmas wreaths at the annual holiday luncheon. Founded in 1947, there are currently ~120 members who are involved with many volunteer projects, including the maintenance of public gardens in Oakland.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sheila Sabine - Broadway Grand Listing- Before & After

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Sheila Sabine - Broadway Grand

Welcome to the Broadway Grand!

438 West Grand #430
Pending, with 4 offers.
Closing in 10 days.
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sheila Sabine - Design Tip - Mirrors

I stumbled upon this floor to ceiling mirror in the hallway of the Bellevue Staten -the magnificent Art Deco building by Lake Merritt.

Mirrors can:
-Maximize the space of the room
-Add light and depth
-Reflect interesting objects in other parts of the space

Sheila Sabine is a business woman, multi-dimensional artist, and Senior Sales Associate at The Grubb Company.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sheila Sabine - C'est le buzz - November 2017

Here is the latest scoop on the luxury market in the bay area...

What does the term luxury really mean?

It is not about money. The new definition is about freedom and being off the grid. People are tired of being tethered to their phones and computers.

Luxury means more authenticity, not arrogance and status. They are interested in quality of life and wellness. They also want to enhance relationships with their families. They are less interested in driving Bentleys and SUVs and are more interested in attending events, like Burning Man.

What are the home trends?

Staging is very important to the millennials as they are a graphic generation with first impressions being very important. They want to feel a unique and personal experience in the home. They like to hear stories about the house that are heartfelt and personal. Social media including Facebook Instagram are becoming more and more popular as the primary form of communication.

What do Buyers want?

Buyers want to downsize .They don’t want swimming pools. They want an open floor plan and move in ready homes. Their home is the place where they can dwell and renew. 

Realtors are becoming more and more lifestyle advisers and community experts. Buyers expect constant availability 24/7 and rapid response -these are the new norms in the agent client relationship. Knowledge is power and these clients know as much if not more than the agents. There are shifts in which social media is the driving force in making decisions and companies like Amazon is the driving force in service experience.

What is the future of the bay area market?

San Francisco is losing steam due to traffic, high prices difficulty in getting building permits and high visibility of homeless people. I am cautiously optimist through 2020 - the inventory is low and the properties under 2 million are moving very fast. The East Bay is the place where you get more bang for your money and it is a Goldmine. 

Notes from Luxury Portfolio seminar 10/31/17

Sheila Sabine is a business woman, multi-dimensional artist, and Senior Sales Associate at The Grubb Company.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sheila Sabine - Out and About - Sequoyah Country Club

I attended a week long sales training at this beautiful private club nestled in the Oakland hills off of Keller Drive. This elegant oasis was founded in 1913 and boasts a challenging 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, Olympic size pool , formal dining room and many adjacent rooms for private meetings. For more than 100 years the Sequoyah Country Club has been a social haven and exceptional golf landing for a multitude of individuals and families. 

Sheila Sabine is a business woman, multi-dimensional artist, and Senior Sales Associate at The Grubb Company.