Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sheila Sabine - Out and About - Robert Rauschenberg @ SFMOMA

Erasing the rules- SFMOMA exhibition with Robert Rauschenberg

This is a really exciting exhibit featuring one of America’s greatest contemporary artists. 
From the 1940’s until his passing in 2008, Robert worked with everything from newspaper, photography, fabric to items found on New York City streets. More than 150 of his works are on display. He broke down the boundaries between disciplines redefining  what art can be. He also did set designs for famous American dance companies including Merc Cunningham and Paul Taylor  and felt there was a strong connection between the creative process of dancers and artists like himself. He had fun playing with art and loved to add unexpected objects on his canvases such as old socks, neck ties, and worn out bedding. This is just another example of the exciting life outside your front door in the Bay Area. 

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